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Is China Link an agent
No, we are not. China Link is an independent entity – and not tied to any one factory. For over ten years, we have been continuously and carefully vetting factories across China for each of our core products. We select and work with those factories that meet and adhere to our strict quality standards and quality control procedures.
If we decide to buy from China Link – who will we deal with
You sign a sales contract with us and deal only with China Link; we are accountable to you. China Link in turn signs a detailed purchase contract in Chinese with the factory – ensuring your quality standards and order requirements are satisfied and adhered to at every step.
If we are already buying from China can China Link offer a standalone inspection and/or testing service for us
Yes we can and do! We work with some of Europe and North America’s largest buyers of wood flooring on such a basis. See
How much will China Link charge for a standalone inspection and /or testing service
Costs can range from $500 to &1,500 per container depending on product and volume.
How can China Link provide competitive prices
Economies of scale! China Link has over 70 clients in 37 countries around the world buying monthly container load volumes. This – in addition to our China presence and expertise- gives us leverage to negotiate favorable prices and buying terms with our selected factories.
Won’t working with China Link just add to my costs
Not if your focus is on long-term profitability! For the same reasons that we are able to negotiate competitive prices, China Link's reputation and influence with factories allows us to implement our strict quality control standards and inspection procedures during the production and post production stages. This, in the long term, saves you from costly claims and the headaches and expenses of frequent travels to China. Ultimately, we look after your interests and concerns here in China, so you can focus on developing your business back home.