Welcome to China Link

Are you looking to import from China?
Are you already buying from China and would like to improve your purchasing efficiency, reduce your costs, reduce your risks and have concrete peace of mind in getting what you want from China?

If yes, then welcome to China Link, where we bridge the typical gaps in international trade and help grow your business.

"Think Globally, Act Locally"

the cornerstone of our group's philosophy

since the outset in 2002.

Grow Your Business:

In detail consultation with the client
China Link shall:

  1. Define product specification, source suitable factories, arrange master samples, negotiate best prices, payment terms and delivery schedules.
  2. Support the process of designing marketing materials, display stands, installation instructions, studio pictures, promotional campaigns, etc.
  3. Implement quality control programs, industry compliance policies, door to door logistics services, transport insurance and R&D exercises.